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3 Free Sources to Get Dissertation Help From

Have you got to give in your dissertation in the next 20 days and you haven’t started it yet? You find yourself badly stuck and don’t know what to do. You have absolutely no idea where to get the dissertation help from or how to even get started.

Stuck are you...uhh? Then following strategies will allow you, for FREE, to successfully undertake this task. There are three essential sources that provide dissertation help for free:

1. Dissertation Advisor:
”What slow and painful death can I give to my hopeless dissertation advisor? Crucifixion is too good for this useless wretch…Is this your immediate thought that comes into your mind when your advisor doesn’t reply your e-mails or doesn’t get in contact with you or always rejects what you send.

For the last 5 years I've been hearing from quite a few students that dealing with the supervisor is a total nightmare. As a matter of fact my research shows that every 8 out of 10 students who have to submit their dissertations say that they are stuck because of their advisors. Although in situations your advisor may prove to be chaotic but it is not the only reason of your dissertation stoppages. Turn the cameras on yourself and ask these questions from yourself:

• Are you missing your deadlines?
• Are you calling off and postponing meetings numerous times?
• Are you insisting on quick answers when you don't provide them yourself?
• Do you always keep altering ideas, topic, or approach?
• Are you shying away from your advisor because of any of the above reasons?

If you answer is yes to any one of the above questions, then you may be a catalyst to the disorder of your relationship. Analyze what you can do to act more responsibly and consistently and more importantly to get the advisor help you.

2. A Friend Who Has Written a Dissertation Before:
Another source of dissertation help can be your friend. If you know someone who has already written a dissertation, you are likely to get tremendous help from them. Your friend can not only help you with the research but can give you a guideline that you could follow to write your own dissertation. You can also get a copy of your friend’s dissertation and use it as a reference.

3. Local & Online Libraries:
Libraries, whether local or online, also serve as a source of dissertation help for you. You can easily find material related to the subject and theme of your dissertation. Being able to go through literally hundreds of references will help you collect relevant matter for your dissertation.

All universities preserve copies of dissertations, usually in their libraries, or in the individual department, or both. Don’t forget to check the universities libraries to find a copy of your dissertation. You can also purchase it for nominal prices through university’s website or through phone.

Dissertations were being done long before the internet came along. Depending too much on the internet and not enough on your own resources, like taking a walk to a local library, can actually hurt your academic paper big time. However, internet resources are now much more sophisticated and comprehensive. Here is a list of few online sources I’ve found useful during my dissertation writing process:

• http://www.scholar.google.com: Google Scholar offers a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, dissertations, books, abstracts and articles.

• http://www.books.google.com: Google has digitized many books from library collections, including hundreds of books related to Old English literature: editions, translations and much more. You just need to have a Gmail account to access full books.

• http://www.questia.com: The world's biggest online library. Although it is a paid resource but worthwhile browsing through. Also it is very cheap. A few bucks can get you a month’s membership to browse through thousands of books, journals, articles, newspapers and magazines.

• http://www.ebscohost.com: Through this great resource you can access hundreds of libraries by sitting at your home through internet. Remote access of EBSCO's databases is only allowed to subscribing institutions for personal, non-commercial use. You should check with your institute to see if they have subscribed to this resource.

Final Thoughts:
Knowing the appropriate resources available for dissertation help will most certainly allow you to stay focused. Maintaining human relationship is an art. You have to be smart as well as responsible when interacting with your advisor to get maximum help. Friends and peers are often ignored when you are trying to get your dissertation finished. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting them.

When trying to get free dissertations online be careful about your topic and university guidelines. You may well download a dissertation thinking it as a great match to your topic but in reality it isn’t. You can also search and buy dissertations from the university's website. Also see if there's an interlibrary loan system that could send you a copy.

In brief about the forensic science degree

What is Forensic science degree?

It’s one of study which learns about the scientific science and related to law enforcement. It usually identifies and investigates a suspected people who mostly involved in criminal actions. It links to several subjects of studies and deals with many experts in life. Even though it’s mostly done by medical people, it may possible handled by people who have different backgrounds.

Why should we choose online forensic science degree?

A: Since this advanced technology makes a possibility for the people to have flexible time for learning and knowing more forensic science. This online is also enable people from every educational backgrounds and occupations to learn with no hesitate as this website provide an expert who might be explain what’s the content about. So don’t be worry when people come from non medical subjects wants to learn it.

What kind of knowledge I get from online forensic science degree?

A: There are plenty of online forensic science degrees which tell about how to identify and investigate a suspected people of criminal things based on scientific subject such as Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and also Physics. Those online forensic science degrees can be learned at the same time while you have focusing on forensic science degree.

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Perfect Garage Doors for you

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2 Years to an Associates Degree

In the United States, an associate degree is a 2-year degree given by colleges upon completion of an associate degree program. Associate degrees are generally 2-year degrees, like those awarded at community colleges. Associate degrees are also available online - allowing students to study on a schedule that suits their busy lives. An Associate Degree is a type of undergraduate degree that requires at least 60 semester credit hours. With full-time study, it will take 2 years to complete - or 4 semesters with 15 credit hours. An associate degree program involves a general education requirement, major requirements, and electives.

The two types of associate degrees offered are the A.A. or associate of arts degree, and the A.A.S., which is the associate of applied science degree. You can earn and A.A. degree at a community or junior college, at a technical school, or even online. This degree designation indicates that you have completed a course of study with an extensive foundation in general education, as well as concentration in a particular area. Your degree is often in an occupational area, or in liberal arts. This degree is designed to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) is intended for graduates that seek career entry or job advancement after 2 years of college study. AAS degrees will possibly transfer some or all credits to a four-year college. Associate of Applied Science degrees are the preference of employers seeking people to fill various middle level technology positions.

Once you get an associate degree, you typically need another 2 years or 60 credit hours to earn a bachelor degree. Earning an associates degree is a great away for a student to see what direction they want to take in their education. Either degree is a great option for those seeking to earn an associate degree.

Choice Theory

ou have listened to me for a year now talking about Choice Theory but I know I’ve never really explained what Choice Theory is. Choice Theory is actually an explanation of all human behavior developed by Dr. William Glasser.

There are basically five components of this theory—the basic human needs, the quality world, the perceived world, the comparing place and total behavior. I’ll give a brief overview of each one, starting with the five basic human needs.

The Basic Human Needs
We are born with five basic human needs—survival, love & belonging, power, freedom and fun. We are all born with these needs but we experience them to varying degrees. One person might have a high love & belonging need, while another person is high in freedom. We are born with these needs and are biologically driven to get them met in the best way available to us.

The Quality World
This is a place that exists inside all of us where we store pictures of things that have satisfied one or more of our basic needs in the past or things we think may satisfy them in the future. These things do not have to meet society’s definition of quality. Alcohol is in the quality world of an alcoholic, steeling cars in the quality world of a car thief, and domestic violence is in the quality world of a batterer. The only two requirements for entry into the quality world are that it meets one or more of our needs and it feels good.

The Perceived World
There is much to be said about the perceived world but for the purposes of this article, all I want to say is that we each have our own perceptions of the world. Our sensory system takes in information through sight, touch, sound, taste and scent, however we all have unique ways of processing that information based on our life experiences, our culture, and our values.

The main thing to remember about the perceived world is that if you encounter others whose perceived world doesn’t match yours, it doesn’t mean one of you is wrong. It simply means you are different. Remembering this simply statement will reduce much of the disagreements and fighting that occurs in people’s lives. Acceptance of this fact would mean we could give up the need to convince others of our point of view. We could simply accept the fact that we see things differently and move on.

The Comparing Place
The comparing place is where we weigh what we want from our quality world against our perceptions of what we believe we are actually getting. When these two things are a match, all is well.

However, when our perceptions and quality world don’t line up, in other words we perceive we are not in possession of the things we want, then we are driven to action to get those things we are thinking about. People generally don’t make a lot of progress or change the things they are currently doing unless they are in some degree of discomfort—the greater the pain the more motivation to try something different.

This is where conventional wisdom tells us that if we want what’s best for other people in our lives, then it is our responsibility to raise their pain level to get them to do things differently because we generally know what’s best for them. Right?

Wrong. We can only know what’s best for ourselves. Remember, our perceived worlds are all different. We have unique values and experiences. How can we possibly know what’s best for someone else when we haven’t been in their skin or lived their life? We can only know what’s best for ourselves.

Total Behavior
There are two main things about behavior. One is that all behavior is purposeful and two is that all behavior is total. Let’s begin with the idea that all behavior is total. There are four inseparable components of behavior—action, thinking, feeling and physiology. These all exist simultaneously during any given behavior in which we engage. The first two components—acting and thinking—are the only components over which we can have direct control. This means that if we want to change how we are feeling or something that is happening in our bodies (physiology), then we must first consciously change what we are doing or how we are thinking.

As for all behavior being purposeful, all behavior is our best attempt to get something we want. We are never acting in response to some external stimulus. We are always acting proactively to get something we want. This means that when I would yell at my son to clean his room after asking him nicely several times, I wasn’t yelling because my son “made me mad.” I was yelling because I was still using my best attempt to get him to do what I wanted, which was to clean his room. This seems like I’m splitting hairs but it’s an important distinction to make when you are attempting to move from a victim’s role to that of an empowered person.

The Implications
Choice Theory pretty much rids us of the idea that people are “misbehaving.” All anyone is doing is their best attempt to get something they want. Of course in the process, they may break laws, disregard rules and hurt others but those are really side effects of doing the best they know how to get their needs met. We are all doing our best—some of us simply have better tools, resources and behaviors at our disposal than others.

If we embrace Choice Theory’s concepts, then our function should be more to educate and help others self-evaluate the effectiveness of their own behavior. Know that often they will continue to do things exactly as they have because it’s familiar and/or because what they are doing really is getting them something they want. It is not our job to stop them, nor is it our job to rescue them from the consequences of their own behavior.

We can only make our best attempt to help others evaluate the effectiveness of their behavior and to choose a different way that perhaps is not against the rules or doesn’t hurt the person or someone else. Then, we need to get out of the way and let the situation play out. This may seem hard to do—like you aren’t doing your job as a parent, teacher, counselor, or supervisor, however, I ask, what is the alternative?

When you attempt to force or coerce or bribe another person to do things he or she doesn’t want to do, you may be successful. You may be able to find the right reward or create a painful enough consequence to get another person to do what you want but in so doing you are breeding resentment and contempt. Your relationship will suffer. If you believe, as I do, that relationship is the root of all influence, then you are losing your ability to influence another by using external control.

We Live In A System Of Beliefs

The following article about beliefs is just an expression of my thoughts. It is certainly not definitive.

In my opinion, we live our life on the basis of beliefs. We, literally live in a huge belief system. So seamlessly integrated (into our world) are some beliefs that most people assume that they are natural and accepted them without questioning.

The very act of reading this article is belief-based, because the very construct that is formed in your head now is conceptual & of the thinking mind. Perhaps, what really is does not just exist as concepts, but also exists in the NOW as experience. Although one is able to describe or conceptualize a truth, the conceptualization is itself a thought.

Beliefs can be very powerful, especially when the majority of the population buys into it. Sometime a certain belief when set in motion, causes catalytic reactions, triggering the formation of yet other beliefs. Gradually, layers upon layers of beliefs mire directness and truth. So thickly laden with beliefs and far removed from the original spontaneity that life becomes unnecessarily complex and ritualized.

Major beliefs operating in our world are:

Identification of self with physical body.
When in actual fact, we are much more than that. This belief can be very difficult to un-ravel. And it takes many series of self-discovery to realize our true nature. The entire scope of this belief is beyond what can be expressed within this article. So I will leave it as that.

War is borne out of beliefs that justify aggression to others that is participated by large groups. War itself is a belief, because nature and animals do not engage in it. Only humans do it, because it was conceived in the human mind, and it isn't natural or essential to human conditions. Military is an offshoot borne from War

Money buys happiness.
A belief that most thought of as true is that money gives one happiness. Happiness does not need money to fulfill, one merely made oneself believe so! The concept of Money set in motion the belief in status, status breeds competition, competition breeds the rat race, rat race cause one to slog a life time working and eventually few remembered the original purpose of life was for joy and fulfillment.

A person’s worth that is dictated by factors such as financial abundance and rank. This one creates much suffering in very hierarchical societies. This one is closely related to ‘money buys happiness.’

It is a most prevalent belief in our civilization. Everywhere in this world of ours, perfectionism is regarded as good while imperfection is bad. Everybody wants everybody else to be perfect. Is Perfection really an absolute value? I think not.
In my opinion, it is relative and is borne of human conception. Perfection is an idea. Things are the way they are. Perfection and imperfection are attached values.

The concept of country is just a belief in the ownership of land. Essentially, humans did not create land therefore nobody owns it. Patriotism is an offshoot belief borne from 'country'. When there are no countries and no wars, there are no needs for Patriotism.

Well, I think I have rambled enough. Thank you for reading.

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2K Electronic Medical Records Announces Partnership with SpringCharts Electronic Health Records

2K Electronic Medical Records today announced that they are offering SpringCharts Electronic Health Records solutions. This product is geared to provide a comprehensive health record interface for medical practices. With the incredible functionality and quantitative information input capabilities, this product has garnered worldwide interest and acclaim.

Redondo Beach, California, February 5, 2008 – SpringCharts EMR, an award winning software solution for health record needs, is now offered through 2K Medical Records. SpringCharts EMR is more than a simple compound software package, though. This program has the potential to streamline office processes, reducing time and manpower costs. With the increasing need to reduce the costs of medical care, this program showcases the ability to substantially improve interoffice functionality.

SpringCharts EMR offers HIPAA compliance with user configured security settings, the ability to restrict access to any screens charts or information and much more. In addition, SpringCharts EMR provides a patient tracker function with real time views of all patients and instant update of information, an appointment scheduler capable of multi user functionality and complete integration with other components and a tasks/to do listing. The automated correspondence feature allows customizable templates and is integrated with the email system.

SpringCharts EMR templates offer the ability to use office forms as templates for future use, the creation of custom templates as well as mini-templates and pop up templates for in depth information inputting. Utilizing standard protocols and procedures, this product automates many redundant office processes.

For additional information about SpringCharts EMR, visit http://www.2kmedicalrecords.com, or call 866-350-4406
About 2K Medical Records – Located in Redondo Beach, California, 2K Electronic Medical Records is dedicated to bringing the most functional software assistance possible to medical offices, hospitals and private practices. Their innovative line of products offers stability, ease of use and full functionality.