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Definition of Education

We know that there are many definitions of education. This clearly shows that education is seen as being very important, so many people who feel the need to provide a definition - understanding or memaknainya. Education in Greece is a pedagogical sense, namely: the science guiding children. The Romans saw education as Educare, which is issued and guides, action taken to realize the potential of children at birth in the world. The German people see education as an equivalent Erziehung Educare, namely: generating power or activate latent power / potential of children. In the Java language, education means panggulawentah (processing - Red), process, change the psyche, mature feelings, thoughts, wishes and character, changing the personality of the child.
In Big Indonesian Dictionary, is derived from the basic education tuition (educate), namely: to maintain and provide training (teaching, leadership) on the character and intelligence of the mind. While education has a meaning: the process of changing attitudes and code of conduct a person or group of people in human mature businesses through the efforts of the teaching and practice, the process works, how to teach. Ki Hajar Dewantara defines education as an effort to advance the character, thoughts and physical child in order to advance the perfection of life is alive and brought the boy in harmony with nature and society.
From the etymology and meaning of education in the above analysis, education can be formulated briefly as a guide for human growth from birth until they reached maturity physically and spiritually, in interaction with nature and society.
Education is a continuous process, not stop. In the process of this education, human dignity upheld because humans (who are involved in this education) is a "subject" of - education. Because it is a subject in the education, then demanded a responsibility to achieve a good educational outcomes. If you pay attention to that man as the subject and put education on human nature are paramount, it is necessary to note also the problem of personal autonomy. The point is, man as the subject of education should be free to "exist" as the man himself is a personal, who is responsible.
Was it the result of education? Clearly there is a change in the subjects of education itself. Say a simple language so, there could be no change from the can, from not understanding to understanding. But the changes that occur after the educational process is certainly not as narrow as that. Are not the changes were related to the development of physical and spiritual aspects as well?
Through education people realize the true nature and dignity in an integral relationship with the natural world and each other. That means, it actually directs the education of human beings who become self-conscious and environmentally conscious. Of consciousness was able to renew themselves and their environment without losing the personality and not pulled from the roots of tradition.

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