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Philosophy is a philosophy of life a person or group of persons which is the basic concept of life mcngenai aspired. Philosophy is also interpreted as an attitude of someone who is conscious and mature in thinking of everything in depth and would like to see in terms of a broad and thorough with all relationships.
The characteristics of thinking filosfi:
1. Thinking by using a high-disciplinary thinking.
2. Thinking systematically.
3. Develop a scheme conception, and
4. Thorough.
Four issues to be solved by philosophy is:
1. What exactly is the nature of life? This question was studied by Metaphysics
2. What can I know? These problems are peeled by epistemology.
3. Do men? This issue is discussed olen Atropologi Philosophy.
Some of the teaching philosophy that has been filled and stored in the repertoire of science are:
1. Materialism, which argues that kenyatan which is actually the physical universe. This flow does not acknowledge the existence of spiritual reality. Materialism has two variations of dialectical materialism and humanistic materialism.
2. Idealism is argued that the nature of reality the world is the idea of ​​a spiritual nature or intelegesi. Variations of this flow is subjective idealism and objective idealism.
3. Realism. This stream is argued that the world of inner / spiritual and material world murupakan hakitat original and timeless.
4. Pragmatism is the philosophy that understands the flow of not being absolute (absolute) is not doctrinaire but relatively dependent on the ability minusia.
Benefits of philosophy in life is:
1. As a basis for action.
2. As a basis for making decisions.
3. To reduce misunderstanding and conflict.
4. To be on the alert to face the ever changing world situation.

Education is an effort to develop human potential learners both physical potential copyright potency, taste, or karsanya, so that potential becomes real and can function in the course of his life. Basic education is universal ideals of humanity. Education aims to prepare a personal balance, unity. organic, harmonious, dynamic. to achieve the goal of living humanity. Educational philosophy is the philosophy used in the study of educational problems.
Some schools of philosophy of education;
1. Educational philosophy of progressivism. supported by the philosophy of pragmatism.
2. Educational philosophy of essentialism. supported by the idealism and realism; and
3. Perenialisme educational philosophy supported by idealism.
Progressivism believes there is no general theory of reality. Experience according to progressivism is dynamic and temporal; lit. never arrive at the most extreme, and pluralistic. According to progressivism, the value continues to grow because of new experiences among individuals with values ​​that have been stored in kehudayaan. Learning works to: enhance the standard of social life is very complex. A good curriculum is an experimental curriculum, the curriculum at any time can be tailored to the needs.
3. Essentialism AND PERENIALISME

Essentialism argues that the world is controlled by the order that no reproach to rule the world and its contents and without reproach, too. Essentialism is supported by modern idealism that has a systematic view of the universe in which humans are.
Essentialism is also supported by subjective idealism hahwa argue that the universe is essentially a soul / spirit and all things that are real in the spiritual sense. Realism argues that the quality of value depends on what and how it is, if it is lived by a particular subject, and then depending also on the subject.
According to idealism, the value will be true (there) or realized by any person when the person trying to learn or adjust to something that shows the value to him and that person had the emotional experience of understanding and feeling happy not happy about the value tersehut. Menunut realism, thanks to the unification of knowledge is formed tententu stimulus and response into a single unit. Meanwhile, according to idealism, knowledge arises because of the relationship between the small world with big world. Essentialism argues that education must be relying on the values ​​that have been proven dependability, toughness, and strength of all time.
Perenialisme held that to restore the chaotic state it is today, way to go is back to the general principles that have been tested. According to. perenialisme, the reality we face is a world with all its contents. Perenialisme view hahwa issue is the question of spiritual values, because human nature is in his soul. Something must be judged to be beautiful can be considered good.
Some figures perenialisme view of education:
1. The ideal education program should be based on the principles of the desire, willingness, and reason (Plato)
2. Perkemhangan mind is the focal point of attention to the philosophy of education as a means to achieve it (Aristotle)
3. Education is the leading capabilities that are still active or sleeping in order to become real. (Thomas Aquinas)
The fundamental norms of education according to J. Maritain was the love of truth, love, kindness and fairness, simplicity and open-ended nature of existence and the love of cooperation.

National education is a system that includes the implementation of educational practice theory that stands on the runway and animated by the philosophy of the nation in question is devoted to the nation in order to realize the national ideals.
Indonesian national education is a system that regulates and determines the theory and implementation of education
practices that stood on the runway and animated by philosophy of Indonesia which is dedicated for the sake of nation and state reasoning Indonesia in order to achieve national goals Indonesia.
Indonesia's national philosophy of education is a system that regulates and determines the theory and practice of education which stands on the foundation and philosophy of life inspired by the "Pancasila" which is dedicated for the sake of the nation and the country of Indonesia in an effort to realize the ideals of the nation and the country of Indonesia.

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