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Ava Host Review

About Ava Host
Ava Host founded in 2001 has established a niche for itself in the web hosting services industry. An extremely reliable service and continued support to customers, whether for personal web sites or for small and medium sized businesses, have helped Ava Host retain its current position. Ava Host provides the latest technology without compromising on quality at highly affordable prices.

Ava Host Plan Features
Ava Host provides a variety of plans to choose from which suit any kind of business, whether it is the basic plan for just a little under $5 or the Plus plan which is about $7 or the third plan which is the advanced plan which is around $10. So the apparent affordability of these plans makes the Ava Host Plan Features simply amazing. Each of these plans features a variety of options like disk space ranging from 150 GB to 450 GB depending on the plan. Their plans also provide data transfer facilities that range from1500 GB to 3500 GB again depending on the plan you choose. Other features include email accounts ranging from 1000 to 3000 and multiple domain choices.

Ava Host Reliability & Servers
Ava Host is now a leading web hosting service provider. The key strengths of Ava Host are in their ability to maintain reliability and a 100% security guarantee. Ava Host provides hosting services through the EV1Servers that are connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links. The servers of Ava Host are connected from six separate backbone providers .The EV1 Servers have their data center in Houston, Texas. The data centre has web hosting space of more than 100,000 square feet, and each of the 100,000 square feet of web hosting space of the data center is filled with special features like fire protection and smoke detection systems, UPS and generator backup. High security is maintained at the data center with surveillance under the camera and armed security guards patrolling the center 24/7. The servers provide the base for Windows and Linux web servers. This makes Ava Host EV1Servers the biggest dedicated web hosting provider in the web hosting industry.

Ava Host Support
Ava Host Support extends from live support and telephonic support to emails. Critical information on the company is provided in a comprehensive FAQ system. Apart from well documented web pages where all the details of their services and products are displayed, one can also send in your concerns to the different email ids provided in the Contact Us page for different sections and departments. A 24/7 help desk manned by customer friendly service staff ensures instant resolution of your concerns. The unique feature of the Ava Host support system is the provision of a movie to help you gain information on their services and products and on how to best use the products to achieve optimum gains.

Ava Host Conclusion
The affiliate programs of Ava Host assure you a steady income through your website. Their reseller programs provide flexibility in maintaining your website. Both these are examples of how much they value their customers and how important customer satisfaction is to them.

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